King Mixer @ Carbondale’s Sunset Concert Series 7/6/17

Attention all Southern Illinois folk!

Having spent considerable time on the streets of Carbondale, IL some time ago, King Mixer returns to the home of the Salukis with a landmark concert during the town’s Sunset Concert Series this July 6, 2017.  The band will play a two hour set of both covers and songs off King Mixer’s ‘Hang On’ LP in the sweltering heat, backed by The King Mixer Horns and a few special guests all on one stage.  This show marks the very first King Mixer performance for new rhythm section Justin Loftus (bass) and Colin Rambert (drums). The date of July 6 also happens to mark the 60th anniversary of The Day John Met Paul, and King Mixer will mark the occasion with a performance of Eddie Cochran’s ’20 Flight Rock’, from the auspicious surroundings of an open field in Carbondale’s Turley Park, under a gazebo.  The very same gazebo that Eric Howell performed under some 30 years ago with his Carbondale band, The Reform.  It just keeps getting weirder.

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