King Mixer @ Carbondale’s Sunset Concert Series 7/6/17

Attention all Southern Illinois folk!

Having spent considerable time on the streets of Carbondale, IL some time ago, King Mixer returns to the home of the Salukis with a landmark concert during the town’s Sunset Concert Series this July 6, 2017.  The band will play a two hour set of both covers and songs off King Mixer’s ‘Hang On’ LP in the sweltering heat, backed by The King Mixer Horns and a few special guests all on one stage.  This show marks the very first King Mixer performance for new rhythm section Justin Loftus (bass) and Colin Rambert (drums). The date of July 6 also happens to mark the 60th anniversary of The Day John Met Paul, and King Mixer will mark the occasion with a performance of Eddie Cochran’s ’20 Flight Rock’, from the auspicious surroundings of an open field in Carbondale’s Turley Park, under a gazebo.  The very same gazebo that Eric Howell performed under some 30 years ago with his Carbondale band, The Reform.  It just keeps getting weirder.

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King Mixer Releases New Anthem Honoring Chicago Cubs

We DID it.

The Chicago Cubs won the World Series on November 2nd, 2016, and you are alive, right here, right now, to bear witness.  To celebrate this truly monumental occasion King Mixer hit the recording studio in October during the Series, and in a marathon 14 hour session, recorded ‘We’re Goin’ All The Way!‘ to musically will the Cubs into winning the World Series.  After 108 years, the 2016 Chicago Cubs went on to do just that.  This is our song about that. 

Contributors to this recording include:  King Mixer (all vocals, acoustic & electric guitars, bass), Matt “Nelly” Nelson (keys and synths)                        studio owner/engineer Craig Williams at Dr. Caw Recording, and oh yeah: Randy Antlept (Drums) has been a beer vendor at Wrigley Field for 37 years (that’s not a typo). Randy generously took part in the recording of ‘We’re Goin’ All The Way’   during his one “day off” from running beer, between Series Games 2 and 3.  Randy gets the game ball.

But wait…there’s more! We have a fantastic video for the song, produced in real time as this saga unfolded (and in record time) by the talented young upstart Mr. Michael Filek, a film major Freshman at Columbia College Chicago. Mike and his crew did an outstanding job out in the field and in the editing room, all between Game 4 and Game 7.   Take a look.

As the dust begins to settle from the aftermath, now is the perfect time to reflect on our recent glories. Get the track, HERE.  Proceeds from downloads of this song going to Cubs Care charities.  Congratulations, Chicago Cubs: World Series Champions 2016!  Ok! Let’s get some runs!



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King Mixer at Taste of Chicago, Friday July 8th 2:30PM

Summer’s here, and the time is right…for taking a long lunch if you work downtown!

King Mixer is excited to be performing at Taste of Chicago this Friday July 8th, on the ‘Rock n Roll’ stage from 2:30 – 3:40PM.  Head on over to the corner of Columbus and Balbo for an hour of King Mixer music in the (hopefully) sweet sunshine of the great outdoors in the fine city of Chicago!

We had a tremendous turn out for the King Mixer album release show last month at Martyr’s in Chicago.  Once again the core band of Red Pop Fury will serve as the King Mixer band, joined by some very special guests this Friday. C’mon out to The Taste!

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